Friday 21 Sep 2018
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YOU ARE HERE: Home Theory behind Thinking Dice How is each die different?
So what's the difference between the red die and the Blue? Print E-mail

So what is the difference between the red die and the green?


Remembering Dice (Yellow)


This is Bloom’s lowest level of thinking.

Enables recall of information.

Understanding Dice (Orange)


Bloom’s second level of lower order thinking.

Promotes the explanation of ideas or concepts.



Applying Dice (Red)


Transition level from lower order thinking to higher order thinking.

Engages pupils in using information in another situation.


Analysing Dice (Green)


Higher order thinking.

Encourages the child to break information into parts to explore understanding and relationships.

Evaluating Dice (Blue)


Higher order thinking.

Guides the child to justify a decision or course of action.


Creating Dice (Purple)


Higher order thinking.

Challenges the child to generate new ideas, products or ways of doing things.




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