Friday 21 Sep 2018
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Why use Thinking Dice in the class? Print E-mail

The National Curriculum clearly outlines the need for schools to overtly teach pupils thinking skills. Thinking Dice allow the classroom practitioner to meet this statutory requirement.

 Using Thinking dice in the classroom has many educational benefits as outlined below.


  • To enable all pupils to engage in higher order thinking across the curriculum.
  • Educators can easily focus on one specific type/ level of thinking. (From remembering to creating.)
  • To support pupils in asking higher order thinking questions. (36 question structures specifically designed for each level of Bloom’s revised taxonomy.)
  • To allow teachers to differentiate critical thinking within the class.
  • For the informal assessment of thinking skills of pupils. (A simple measuring tool for thinking.)
  • Highly motivational, obtaining engagement of pupils and encouraging active learning.
  • Models the correct vocabulary required by the pupil and teacher for each level of thinking.
  • For peer assessment and the development of communication and social skills.
  • A reflection of learning tool.
  • To extend the more able and talented pupils within the classroom situation.
  • Child safe, quiet roll product.



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